Ing. Enrico Boschiero: 1953 – 2022

by Giuseppe Boschiero & Vittoria Boschiero, SIMPLEX-RAPID

When you think of a professional, especially if you are talking about a figure with a managing role, it is sometimes difficult to separate the human person behind that role. Those who share the work space are inevitably led to see above all the shape and appearance of the role they play. But as for each of us, Enrico Boschiero was much more than what might appear at first, perhaps at a superficial glance.

Born in 1953, Enrico Boschiero was the first of the third generation to head the Simplex Rapid company. Founded in 1948, at first it was involved in the paper industry, and it further developed in the metalworking branch in the construction of machines for processing metal wire.

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