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Rebuilding & Upgrading of CNC Jig Welders

A fully rebuilt machine can be a good choice with an attractive ROI, considering that the cost of a new machine could be triple the price.

AWT Machinery Inc. has been successfully rebuilding the well-known Clifford CNC Jig Welding machine for a few years now. Our rebuilding processes involve going through every aspect of the machine in detail to ensure the machine is 100% operational. The first step in the process of a rebuild, is to strip the machine down to its components, and send it off for sand blasting and painting. We then meticulously assemble the machine, replacing or repairing any components that are damaged or not working to our satisfaction. To ensure cooling is restored to like-new condition, virtually all water lines and fittings are replaced, so too are the air lines and valves, to ensure improvements in speed and reliability.

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