Cage Welding Machines for Driven & Bored Piles, Columns & Beams

Compiled from online materials from mbk Maschinenbau GmbH

When ground conditions are difficult and a firm foundation has to be created, this is the time for pile foundations and bored piles. There is also great demand for precast driven concrete piles, ranging from simple halls to extremely complex constructions. Reinforcements in a wide range of dimensions form the basis for all these driven and bored piles, columns and beams.

When special designs and gigantic dimensions are required, one name is at the forefront of the industry. mbk Maschinenbau GmbH has long been known as a system solution partner. Individual concepts with added value are created with a high level of technical know-how, a great deal of experience, immense innovative power and the ability to fully engage with the concerns of the customers. For the production of round and square reinforcements for driven and bored piles, columns and beams, mbk has cage welding machines with different specifications in its product range.

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