Reutlingen E-Mobility Days (REDs): Innovations & Efficient Power Trains


“Great response and many visitors at the Reutlingen E-Mobility Days (REDs), staged by WAFIOS AG and Gehring in Reutlingen, Germany.” This is the preliminary conclusion drawn by the two organizers of the second RED days, Gehring and WAFIOS, after the first week of the successful in-house exhibition all around the “Efficient Power Train” theme. The event took place from October 18 to 29, 2021, on the premises of WAFIOS in the Silberburgstraße 5 in Reutlingen, Germany.

“We had an extremely large number of trade visitors,” explains WAFIOS CEO, Dr.-Ing Uwe-Peter Weigmann, already after the first week. “On average, two to four people from different departments of a company traveled to WAFIOS in order to get the latest information on technical innovations in the mechanical engineering sector for the e-mobility of the future. So far, we have received very good feedback from our customers such as the following, to quote just a few:”

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